Located in unique central part of the Istria peninsula, the small town of Kanfanar - is well known, not only for its historical and cultural legacy (Dvigrad, old castle, old church) but for excellent wine (Trošt, Matošević) and genuine Istrian cuisine (Lim Fjord, Viking, Dva Baladura, Trošt).

KANFANAR is small city situated 20 km from Rovinj. In the past this two places used to be connected by railway. In that time this connection was very important for the region. Thanks to the highway “Istarski ipsilon” Kanfanar has became very important for this part of Istria. In Kanfanar and its surrounding we offer You different accommodation types at lower prices than we can offer in the city centre.

Quarry where stone named „Kanfanarac“ is found today is also very important. In the past there was a town Dvigrad wich was completely abandoned in 1714. because of plague. Today it is big attraction for numerous tourists. Lim bay also known as Lim fjord today is protected area. It is rich in fish and high quality oysters and mussels. You can arrive here by car or tourist boat excursion and taste fish specialties in local restaurants situated directly on its coast. Nearby there are villages where we offer You accommodation for your perfect holiday in villas, private apartments and rooms: Sošići, Putini, Žuntići, Bubani, Brajkovići, Matohanci, Pilkovići, Kurili, Okreti and Šorići.

Our day trips are starting from Rovinj, Poreč or Vrsar. There is a possibility of organizing taxi transfer to mentioned towns if You are staying in other places in Istria. In this region You can find Lim fjord where you can find restaurants Lim Fjord and Viking with fish specialities.
Thanks to the airport Pula, Kanfanar and its sourroundings are easy to reach to all guests who are arriving by plane from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, London, Munich and other countries in Europe. If You are arriving to Istria by plane, we are able to organize a transfer from airport to your Holiday Villa or apartment.

The old and unique architecture of Kanfanar is well preserved, where vineyards and olives dominate this area with warm Mediterranean climate. Istria is a unique and enchanted place that has welcomed visitors and settlers from all parts of the world for a long time.