Svetvincenat - heart of Istria

Svetvinčenat – SANVINCENTI is a small city on the south of central Istria which is rich in history and has a lot of monuments. There is well known Grimani Castle in which You can see a lot of manifestations during summer time. One of them is Istria etno jazz festival. Beautiful city square and surroundings are for many years known as a place for traditional dance festival and nonverbal theater.

This region is full of beautiful apartments, holiday homes and villas for rental.

Some of the villas are in the greenery, in quiet village offering you complete privacy. We are glad to present you unique Villa Stancija Salamon, surrounded by vineyards, forests and meadows, located on big property where you can relax. This is a place where you can only hear a bird singing, and if you want to go in Svetvinčenat by foot it is only few minutes away. You decided to go on holiday by plain without using a car? We have solution for You. We are offering transfer services to any villa or apartment you choose for Your holiday.

Svetvničenat is a place where you can find grocery store, restaurant with typical dishes, two pizzerias, caffe bars, jewelry, postr office. In this area tourism started to develop in last ten years and we can guarantee it will suite all your needs. Imagine a holiday in complitely privacy, in an quiet place, in holiday home, where you do not need to use your car, where you can enjoy in every minute you spend on relaxing. Take our advice and choose this region for Your holiday. You can spend your unique summer holiday in a place which is twenty five minutes away from Rovinj, Pula or Poreč, and enjoy privacy and tranquility.

Festival in Svetvinčenat - Istria - Croatia